Point platform for 1 grosz

Development and maintenance of communication platform supporting sales of Delikatesy Centrum products


Grupa Eurocash


UX/UI & Graphic design, Web development, KV for each promotion


continuously since 2019

About the project

One of the stages of development of the Delikarta loyalty program, carried out within the chain of Delikatesy Centrum and Mila stores, was the creation of a communication platform enabling customers to collect points for purchasing specific products from the Delikatesy offer. Collecting enough points allows the customer to get a product for 1 grosz on the next transaction with Delikarta.

Our task was to design and implement a system enabling the customer to collect points and check the number of points collected so far.


However, the purpose of the Platform was not only to intensify purchases, but also to acquire new program participants, thus, we included a communication variant for the non-participating customer.

The platform has been integrated with the Delikarta website and the Delikatesy Centrum mobile application.


We developed a universal layout that is easy to adapt for future promotions.
The platform was designed to support various promotions while remaining user-friendly (we put a strong emphasis on UX). The system allows for simultaneous campaigns in which the exchange of points for a prize takes place automatically at the checkout and those in which prizes are sent to participants by mail.


We are responsible for both the development and expansion of the platform as well as for the preparation of creations for a number of promotions carried out within the platform. When preparing promotional communication we use the client’s own channels, with particular emphasis on POS materials.


meet the team


Ewa Lipka

UX/UI Designer

I’ve been raised in a human environment since the very beginning. During my Digital Design studies I had a graphic design internship here. I enjoyed the diversity of the projects, I liked the people and the atmosphere at work, so I decided to stay. I could prove myself in different areas: animation, web or app design. I liked moving images around, but I definitely felt better in the area of experience design for digital products.


Finding solutions to improve usability and then consulting and testing ideas with the team is the area that interests me most. To keep creativity at bay, I relax by traveling. I prefer hiking in the mountains, necessarily with an overnight stay under the stars. My love for nature drove my interest in herbal medicine and treating illnesses through natural remedies.


Ula Sadowska

Graphic Designer

My background is in graphic design and theater studies. Initially I wanted to work as a publication designer but I found web design more interesting and that is how I ended up at KISS digital. I feel best in illustration, I am also interested in UX/UI. 

After work I draw, learn design, look at pretty things, go to art galleries. I hang around different cities looking for cool architecture. Besides, I like to read, but I guess everyone likes to read.


Mateusz Wilk

Frontend Developer


Krzysztof Zięba

Backend Developer


Artur Kwiatkowski

Frontend Developer


Mateusz Cieślik

QA Engineer


Joanna Grodkowska

Client Service Director

At Human, I take care of the client service team and I’m responsible for assigning projects which I also enjoy working on. I see clients’ success as my own and I value long-term relationships. 

Most often I coordinate long-term projects and take care of tender issues. I supervise the work of creative teams which I love to work with.

I carry out projects in the field of direct marketing, performance, 360 campaigns, video, employer branding. 

At Human, I take care of projects for such brands as Delikatesy Centrum, PayPo, Avon, Payback, Scanmed or Oknoplast. I was also responsible for the direct communication for Showmax.


Agnieszka Małeska

Account Manager

Aga is a master at leading and overseeing the execution of marketing communications projects. She makes sure that the client receives what they need from the agency within the agreed (usually short) deadline and with the expected (of course high) quality of service. She has experience of working both on the client’s side and the agency side, so she knows what it’s like on both sides of the fence. Aga believes, however, that the best results come from cooperation without barriers and this is the model of relationship with clients she always opts for. 

Aga prides herself on the trust and confidence of the clients earned by skillfully and effectively managing projects for companies in the financial, IT, consumer electronics and appliances, FMCG, construction and engineering industries.

In her spare time, she reads books, listens to music and hikes – whenever possible, accompanied by her labrador Fiodor and Finek, the Finnish Hound.